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Disney World is a very popular vacation destination in Orlando Florida and too often Disney Resorts in Florida are where people book but isn’t there more than just Disney Resorts in Florida?

You bet! Orlando Florida is very popular as a destination point and as a result, there are all kinds of hotels and resorts throughout the area. The rest of Florida is also very popular so that means there are plenty of excellent resorts throughout the area.

With more than 50 million people arriving each year just into Orlando, the resorts have been doing very well, and as a result, they continue to provide more attractions each year, which in return brings more people.

In just the Orlando area there are more than a hundred excellent full service resorts including spas, golf courses, theme parks, swimming pools, as well as gourmet restaurants, and quality hotels with plenty of ambiance. Within each resort are one or more hotels. Walt Disney Resorts in Florida has 20 hotels.

Guests staying at any of the Resort hotels in Orlando can enjoy all kinds of great recreational amenities such as the Jacuzzi, hot tubs, fitness centers, bicycle rentals, BBQ grills, dive-in movie pool activities, whirlpools, volleyball, tennis, basketball, games rooms, fishing, canoeing, live entertainment, children’s play areas, shopping, gourmet dining, and the list could go on and on. Of course, not all facilities offer all of these activities so be sure to check before you book.

Orlando Resorts are for all kinds of budgets and all kinds of people no matter what your interests, or your idea of a great place to stay there is something for you. Disney Resorts in Florida are just a starting point. There is just so much else out there. So whether you prefer a life of luxury or at least a luxurious holiday, or maybe you prefer the basics with just telephone and cable TV.

Almost all rooms have air conditioning. Some have microwaves and bar fridges, while almost all offer a complimentary coffee pot. By comparing online, you can instantly know what a resort offers.

Disney resorts in Florida as well as resorts throughout Florida start at about $75 a person and go up to over $1000 a person depending on where you are staying and what amenities they offer. And if you shop online, you can get a 5 star hotel for the price of a 2 star hotel. Now that’s savings!!

Start with deciding what your budget for accommodations is, what you want it to offer, what’s a must and what’s wishful thinking, whether you need it to be within a certain distance of say a bus stop, keep creating your list, after all you can always refine it later. Then use the internet to find amenities that fit within your budget and offer what you want from the resort you choose.

Disney resorts in Florida are not the only choices you have. Remember there are plenty of other choices and also some great packages out there so do your homework, shop around, and ask lots of questions, all from the comfort of your home.

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