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It seems we start thinking about Orlando and we automatically think that Disney Resorts but there is a lot more to Orlando than Disney Resorts! Orlando Resorts have plenty to offer and will provide the perfect place to stay, whether you are alone, with a partner, or with family, or friends.

You can get away for a week, a weekend, or a fortnight. With so many terrific amenities, there is a good chance you will be back over and over. The average temperature is 72 degrees, which is perfect for all of your outdoor activities. Take a walk on the beach, go swimming, parasailing, enjoy a game of golf, a day at the water slides, or any other of the many activities the area offers.

Disney resorts in Orlando offers many options including family resorts, town homes, condos, luxury resorts, and vacation rental homes, to name just a few options. They are spread throughout the Disney region and actually throughout all of Orlando. After all not everyone shows up at Orlando to visit Disney World.

When it comes to amenities the lists can be long as well – golf courses, fitness centers, spas, hot tubs, pools, whirlpools, basketball or tennis courts, games rooms, video arcades, children’s play area, children’s activities, parasailing, shopping – the list could go on and on but I’m certain that you get the picture.

What they all share is picturesque view and a great layout. Enjoy the native palm trees swaying in the breeze, a whiff of the exotic flowers will tantalize you senses, while the tropical birds, and just what nature has to offer will awaken you. Compliment that with some fine dining, some great shopping, and in-house facilities.

And what is a vacation without some serious shopping. With so many unique shops to visit you should have no trouble finding some interesting items to take home. In fact, why not take some gifts home for friends and family. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy a latte or espresso at one of the great little cafes intermingled among the shops.

One thing that’s common to most Disney Resorts in Orlando is golf courses. After all, it’s the perfect place to get a good game in. But there are plenty of other activities for the non-golfer like some of the best swimming pools around. Those golf courses are one of the reasons for the popularity of those Orlando Resorts.

Don’t’ discount Disney Resorts in Orlando for those business get-a-ways. You can find affordable accommodations for every one and get discounts if you’re staying for a while. Why not combine business with a little relaxation. The opportunity doesn’t happen all that often.

When it comes to finding information about the different resorts around the internet is defiantly the place to find that information. It also allows you to see what specials are being offered right now, who’s full, anything you should know about your stay such as deposits or hourly rates.

Disney Resorts in Orlando are a great place to spend your vacation time, as are Orlando Resorts. You choose but always keep your options open and don’t just assume that Disney Resorts is the right answer.

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