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You might be surprised to discover that many people’s vacation plans are all subject to a resorts rating system. Then again, it might be just how you do your picking. There are all kinds of Disney World resorts around the Orlando area that get perfect marks with a five star rating.

A star is a system that is used to rate and classify hospitality services. It is rather a generic system used across resorts, clubs, hotels, and inns. It is not the same in different countries but in the US and in Orlando, it is a five star system and it is a place with plenty of 5 star resorts.

If you are checking into five star Disney World Resorts it means you can expect the best of the best. You will get all the services and amenities including things like spas, fitness centers, babysitting service, and swimming pools

Here’s the deal though. Many people think they need a five star resort and then never use any of the services or use few of the services that are offered. This is esp0ecially true with family vacations. You can drop to a three star or four star and save a huge amount of money, and many won’t even realize that there are services absent. The internet is a great place to have a look at what’s available and what the differences are.

There are plenty of different Disney World Resorts to choose from such as luxury resorts, family resorts, vacation rental homes, condos, villas, and the list goes on. Many have air conditioning, completely stocked equipment; you just have to bring your food, telephone, TV, cozy rooms, with a feel of home.

Orlando Disney World Resorts provide a number of recreational activities too. There are private recreational centers to enjoy that are fun and relaxing. Volleyball courts, tennis courts, mini golf, games rooms, fishing, parasailing, canoeing, shopping, and the list could go on and on.

Almost all of these resorts are open throughout the year offering rates that can be anywhere from under a $100 per person to well over a $1000 depending on what’s offered. And of course, most offer discounts if you are staying more than one night. You need to do your homework long before you plan to travel.

You should also keep in mind that if you stay on off-season you’ll get much better pricing. And many times contrary to believing you can’t pull the kids out of school for a week or so, you really can. The result is substantial savings on your rental accommodations and even on the attractions, you are planning to take in.

Disney World Resorts are available from a star 1 to a star five with a star five being top of the line and a star 3 rating being average. You shop around and decide what’s right for you and your family.

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